Print flyers: the leaflets have lost the enamel?

In times of crisis and with sales on the web becoming increasingly pressing, companies are beginning to rethink marketing strategies and what are the best solutions to make their visibility more effective. Who is thinking that giving to printing fliers no longer need it, was recently denied by the study conducted by the University of Parma in collaboration with the Institute of Research and Analysis Nielsen: the flyer is still the best vehicle to promote products and services although with significant differences compared to the past.

Print flyers: purchases always start from here

If printing flyers proved as a very effective weapon in the past, from the statistics to be a tool that has not lost its luster even in the twenty-first century. In fact, the reduction of purchasing power has paid more attention to every expense today, hardly meets a consumer who is not in your pocket or bag a flyer in which already show the products that will end up in the cart. Therefore, the suggestion that comes from the experts at the University of Parma is to multiply the leaflets, differentiating in short periods promotions. Only in this way can reach their target and create the necessary conditions to loyalty, despite the crisis.

Improves the quality and then print flyers

Who is wondering how to make its effective flyers will implement little tricks, suggested by the team of Nielsen. First, to make it easier and enjoyable reading you need to print flyers with a few pages and above all have a constant rate of publication and on time: customers must know that the flyer will periodically with new promotions and offers.

A winning move is to highlight the brand or the most requested services, dividing them by categories of membership they manage to emerge different promotional themes. Is essential to use a discounted price of framing in addition to fonts that are able to win over the public, stimulating their cognitive consciousness.

Printing flyers is not a marketing strategy to be underestimated: it is to be considered as a selling tool powerful, if used in a surgical.

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